About Us


Little Kicks program

Our Little Kicks youth development program is designed to offer positive reinforcement , building on our main value of Courtesy and Respect . Our young students develop self confidence and esteem all while developing skills in the martial arts  of Tae Kwon Do . 


Tae Kwon Do - core program

Our core tae kwon do program , teaches the student and induvidula the skills and development required to advance throught the martial art ranks to the level of Black Belt. Our program teaches the martial art skills of sparring for tournament competition and self defence . Physical fitness is an important part of our continuous training ,along with the mental knowledge and respect of the art. 


KickBoxing workout

Our KickBoxing workout program is tailored for both the novice and experienced individual looking to stay in shape and develop both fighting  and cardo skills .

 Our Kickboxing workout is a 1 hour intense session combining techniques and cardio to get you in shape and ready for your next fight whatever that is .