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We teach Tae Kwon Do to students of all ages. Our programs consist of a belt ranking system to obtain a Black Belt grading through the practice and training in the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do. We also offer for advance belts BO Staff and weapons training.

Our lineage of Tae Kwon Do is that of Song Moo Kwan, and our forms taught are the advanced forms of the Chung Bong series.

The skills learned with these disciplines , allows students to compete in martial art competitions at a local, national or world level.

Training in Martial Arts helps to build self confidence and self esteem, along with self defense skills for personal protection.

Our junior program for our youngest members, develops motor coordination and balance skills. Our programs are focused around individual development for the prevention of and dealing with Bulling.

Classes are taught by certified Black Belt instructors. (World Tae Kwon Federation , World Song Moo Kwan  )
Chief Instructor : Victor Cooke, Master 5th Degree Black Belt

Cooke's Martial Arts is a Chartered Member Club of the Thunder Bay Martial Arts Council


Qualified Instructors

Master Cooke 5th Degree Black belt and Chief Instructor/Owner .

36 years of Martial Arts experience 

Mr. Dougherty 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Longlois 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Berezowski  2nd Degree Black Belt

Ms. Wolotko 2nd Degree Black Belt

Mr. Wright 1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Lehto 1st Degree  Black Belt 

Mr. Guay 1st Degree Black Belt


Modern Studio


  • DoJang & Training Studio 
  • 610 Simpson St


Our Philosophy

Quality instruction that offers opportunities to our students and athletes to be the best they can be.

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Cooke's Martial Arts

Thunder Bay, Ontario

(807) 628-9087

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